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We Sit, we wait, the great boat debacle!

posted Aug 7, 2011, 7:35 AM by Shane Austin
So the boat we brought is no more.  After purchasing the boat the previous owner decided, out of his own good will and intentions, to service the engines for us to ensure safe passage.  Unfortunately during this process one of the engines was disabled beyond repair and so we are left without a vessel.  We have located another suitable boat which is located in Baltimore but we cant pick it up until Monday.  We then have to drive it back down to the Potomac which will more than likely take a couple of days.  We decided to wait until we have a boat to continue the journey as it would be to dangerous to be out on the Potomac without a support vessel and the chances of getting separated or lost would be to great.  So we are currently sitting at Colonial beach updated our Blog catching up on emails and enjoying this friendly town.  Does anyone out there have a boat for us to use over the next few days!  We welcome any partners in this quest.